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Café de la Biennalestrasbourg – France
Jan 31, 2019 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Pelpass Asso & le Café de la Biennale présentent : jeudi 31.01.19 — 20h — 6€ ( carte atout voir ) / 8€ ( prévente ) / 10€ ( caisse du soir )

Pelpass Asso & le Café de la Biennale présentent :
jeudi 31.01.19 — 20h — 6€ ( carte atout voir ) / 8€ ( prévente ) / 10€ ( caisse du soir )
Edan and Homeboy Sandman share one goal, to reinvent the past so it feels relevant to the present day. Together, they continue a rich lineage: welcome to the 2018 iteration of the hip-hop duo. Think of Mantronix and Just Ice, Showbiz & AG, Organized Konfusion, the RZA and GZA, Madlib and Doom, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (if Jazz had bars).
They make a lethal combination, Edan's intricate beats the perfect foil for Sandman's goofy, self-effacing stream-of-consciousness raps. Although serious about the integrity of their art, they’re determined to have fun. As Sandman puts it, "We allowed ourselves to be open, honest, playful, serious, abstract and conceptual all at the same time.”
And what exactly is Humble Pi? “We're serving humble pi," says Sandman. "Humble math. Pi is a magic number." Magic and humility, he says, can coexist. "From time to time folks need a couple slices of humble pie as a reminder of real magic.”

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Café de la Biennale

ue Wencker
67000 strasbourg

strasbourg – France
Phone # 0658043424

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