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La Mécanique OndulatoireParis – France
Apr 8, 2014 8:00 PM – Apr 9, 2014 2:00 AM



DORCELSIUS is an abstract electronic collaboration between 2 visual/audio artists, KIKIILIMIKILII & LAFIDKI. They create their own sound which are sparkling arpeggios and acid blips.
You would have to be completely off your head on some of the most insane Columbian Devil’s Breath to begin to comprehend the meaning of this music. The result is a tranced-out electro psychedelic sound. Experimental but catchy enough to move to this rhythm on the dance floor.
The duo have already toured in Australia, USA, China and the most of Europe.
They’ve played with Low Sea, Cold Cave, Lebannon Hannover during international festivals as Villette Sonique Festival in France and Strcamp Festival in Lithuania and released an Ep and a first 7” on Stellar Kinematics (Fr), Aural Sects (Uk), Steak Au Zoo (Ger), Neh-Owh (Dk) and 51 Beats (Ita).

For fans of: Pornoise, Noise, Kikiilimikilii, Lafidki

Website: www.dorcelsius.com
Like: www.facebook.com/dorcelsius
Listen: soundcloud.com/dorcelsius



JESSICA 93 might try as hard as she can to look like some weird suburban Britney Spears to fantasize about her dreary life, she doesn’t know either how to shake her butt or have fun. Her dehumanized beats sound like a ghost trapped deep in a gloomy trash room. Her bass and guitar riffs will dig up the stickiest depression your brain ever experienced. Grunge dance machine with amazingly addictive hits.

"Who Cares is a record where "each track is like a cigarette staining the soft blue of the night, smoke slowly and abandoned before the final assault on the world." In a word, incandescent." - The Drone

"Jessica93 from France is really one the first artists who really succeeded to give the shock rock genre a new face and a new sound." - Ottablerat

For fans of: Cold Wave, Synth, Post Punk, Shoegaze

Website: http://jessica93.org/
Like: https://www.facebook.com/thejessica93
Listen: http://jessica93.bandcamp.com/



Croatian producer, composer and songwriter active in the music scene since 2006, as one of founding members of the electro band Dekolaz. In the year 2008, after the break up of Dekolaz, Popsimonova started her solo project . Live performance includes synth, vox and laptop. Alone on stage, she performed all over Europe in different kind of venues . With releases on Enfant Terrible, Romance Moderne labels and on Gooiland Elektro label (her first solo 12”) and upcoming on J.A.M. Traxx ( collaboration with Zarkoff).

Collaborations with different artists:
Zarkoff, Umrijeti za strojem, featuring on project NSRB-11 (Heinrich Mueller and DJ Stingray)

For fans of: Industrial, Experimental, Pop

Like: https://www.facebook.com/Popsimonova
Listen: https://soundcloud.com/popsimonova


VENTRE DE BICHE (Strasbourg)





La Mécanique Ondulatoire 8 passage Thiéré Paris


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La Mécanique Ondulatoire

8 passage Thiéré
75011 Paris

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