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La Mécanique OndulatoireParis – France
Sep 6, 2014 8:30 PM – 11:50 PM



refined and developed rhythm and blues, psychedelia, and country into the major elements that make rock and roll distinctive - informed by Southern rock, vintage country-rock, laid-back Laurel Canyon
sounds, '70s-style boogie, a dash of hard rock, and most likely a careful balance of liquor and bong hits. In addition to White Fang, Gap Dream, The Strange Boys, and The Black Lips, a large number of significant popular-music groups have performed Natural Child songs. Though not technically accomplished, their musical style is distinctive — drawing on the influence of acts such as The Rolling Stones, Canned Heat, Status Quo, Willie Nelson, JJ Cale, and Waylon Jennings to produce a clear and exciting sound that many later guitar musicians will acknowledge as a major influence in their own style. In the film Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll, Eric Clapton states ‘If you wanna play rock and roll — or any upbeat number — and you want to take a guitar ride you will end up playing like Natural Child… because there is very little other choice. There’s not a lot of other ways to play rock and roll other than the way Natty Child plays it; they’ve really laid the law down…”. Keith Richards told Best of Guitar Player ”Child is my band. They was the ones who made me say ‘I want to play guitar, Jesus Christ!



After a stint in New York City as drummer for Dan Melchior's Broke Revue, GD Mills (aka Sir Gregory Fuck Knight) packed up two drums, a cymbal, two sticks and a microphone and headed west to Minneapolis on an art school scholarship. In the aftermath of a violent 'destruction of school property' performance which ultimately lead to his expulsion, Mills formed Fuck Knights in 2007 with bassist Joe Holland on the very same day as the I-35W bridge collapse.

Basement keggers soon became crowded bar gigs, word-of-mouth became press coverage, self-made cassettes became 7" records released on regional and then European labels (including an EP recorded by Gary Burger from The Monks), and shared bills with the likes of King Khan and BBQ Show, Greenhornes, Black Diamond Heavies, Nobunny, Brimstone Howl, Human Eye, Jacuzzi Boys, Lover!, and Monotonix became tours throughout the U.S. Great Lakes/Rust Belt region.


PARIS 11ème
10 euros en prévente, 13 sur place

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La Mécanique Ondulatoire

8 passage Thiéré
75011 Paris

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