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Create your event ticketing and e-tickets

Create your own online event ticketing in minutes

Simply register the event information, date, place and prices. Choose additional options. You’re done, it’s live!

Generate e-tickets

E-tickets are generated for each ticket sold. Easy to use, they do not have to be sent by mail or collected by the buyer.

Real-time sales reports

Your managing account will enable you to see your events at a glance, put them live in just one click and follow ticket sales as they happen.

Secure payment

Attendees can pay their purchase online in a safe and secure way through Paypal – using either their PayPal account or their credit card.


Customize your event ticketing

A dedicated event ticketing

Every event you create gets a dedicated webpage. You can also spread the word about your upcoming events using your own promotor webpage.

Customize your online event ticketing

Customize your event ticketing as you wish. Upload a banner, logo or background to give your event that special look and feel. You are in control!

Customize your e-tickets

Your e-tickets can be customized in lots of ways . You can make them to your own image, use them to spread the word about your upcoming events or simply offer your attendees an outstanding e-ticket.

Quick and easy modification

Want to freshen up your event ticketing? Change the entire layout or the image of your e-ticket in just a few clicks. You’re the one in charge!


Spread the word on social networks

Get more fans

The Facebook widget on your event page helps you bring more fans to your Facebook fan page. Attendees and visitors to your event page can become fans in a click.

Promote your event

YesGoLive helps you raise awareness about your event and share it on social networks directly from the event page (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg,…).


Scan tickets at the door

Printable e-tickets

Electronic tickets make life easy for your attendees. For each ticket purchased, an e-ticket is created. These electronic tickets can be downloaded and printed at home or on a mobile phone.

Tickets check and access control

Each ticket holds a QR code and a unique ID number to enable easy access control and prevent counterfeiting.

YesGoScan webcam application

At the door, check tickets by scanning them using the YesGoScan application dowloaded on your computer (Windows). Using a webcam allows you to scan tickets at no extra cost.

YesGoScan mobile application

The YesGoScan mobile application can be downloaded on your smartphone (iPhone and Android). Free, it will make ticket scanning effortless.